‘Sonia Paul Design` (SPD) is a consortium of dedicated professionals for Design – Manage – Build, working in the field of urban habitat.

The firm has its origin in ‘ByDesign’ a proprietary interiors solution firm set up by Sonia Paul in 1996 in New Delhi.

SPD is a high-end comprehensive and versatile interior design firm committed to creating and customizing residential and commercial projects. It offers a gamut of classic and contemporary design practices, to transform and enhance the aesthetics and functionality of living spaces.

It embodies the interrelationships between architecture and place, form and space, colour and materials.

SPD offers excellence in schematic design and design development to align with the client’s design preference, lifestyle and brand value.

The firm provides a range of turnkey services and solutions for architecture, engineering, project implementation management and contracted build solutions.

It has undertaken projects for both new build construction and remodels for residences to complex multi-function, large scale developments for various organisations and companies internationally and in India.

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